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Lots of new stuff on the way…

Are you ready for some new songs?? We are! “Lifetime of Basic Cable” was 4 years ago and even though we’ve slowed down our frequency of live shows to a snail’s pace, we’ve all been writing a lot and we’re ready to start recording. Erin, Steven, and I have each picked 5 of each others’ songs, and we’re going to put them all together on a new album. Keep your eye out for the possibility of some live shows, and definitely mark your calendar for a huge blowout at Casino Point in Catalina on 4th of July! Check our shows section for details and tickets.

On a more personal note, Erin and Faith are expecting their daughter, June Rene Grutzmacher, in late July and everyone is really looking forward to meeting her. Danny has moved to Irvine to tattoo at Dan Smith’s Captured Tattoo. It’s kind of a big deal (hence the move to Irvine). If you’re interested in getting something done from him, e-mail him at

Steve-o and I spend all of our time e-mailing each other songs and dick jokes, and we’re pumped to share all of them with you!! Oh, and enjoy the new website!! – Ryan